A buyer of greeting cards from the ColourFlux Shop wanted a larger version of the illustrations of birds with nests for on the wall. After a little check to see if the illustrations were suitable for printing in larger size, I went right to work with them. I was able to make two nice framed prints of the dunnock and chiffchaff with nest.

The idea

From some illustrations I use for my blog about hiking in the Netherlands, I make and sell greeting cards in my web shop. Like the illustration of this dunnock (left) and chiffchaff (right).

In addition to cards, it is also possible to have prints made from the illustrations. So I took the request for a larger version of the bird illustrations with both hands. It is a great compliment for me when a customer wants to see an illustration of mine hanging on the wall. I must say that I really like the illustrations of the birds with nests myself. So I lovingly had the prints made, passe-partouted and framed.

The approach

To have the prints made, I need a good quality scanned-in version of the illustrations. Since I have had cards printed before, I already had a scanned version of the birds. Like the cards, I had the prints printed at Peter Print.

Peter Print gives clear instructions on how to make a file print-ready. In the program Adobe Illustrator (or Photoshop) you can export a pdf with the correct format and the necessary cut lines. In this case, the formats are 297 x 210 mm (A4) and 210 x 210 mm. Then you send the file and it will be printed and shipped within a few days. I had the illustrations printed on 250-gram BioTop paper. This paper is very similar to watercolor paper and ensures that prints are similar to the original illustrations.

Meanwhile, I online purchased frames in the right color and size to frame the print with a passe-partout. I still had the olive-green color passe-partout in stock so I could use it immediately for the frames. I always coordinate the type of frame and color passe-partout with the buyer.

The result

I already think the original illustrations were very good, and I think the framed version also turned out well. The client is also very happy with it.

Have you seen a nice illustration in my blog or in the shop? On request I can provide you with nice, framed prints starting at € 50,- each on A4 size, completely tailored to your wishes. If you are interested in this, feel free to get in touch via the contact page or DM on instagram.

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