This is the second completed painting in a series of temples at various locations around the world. This Yuantong temple is located in Kunming, Yunnan in China. Also take a look at the article about the Japanese temple I made before.

Yuantong temple, Kunming in China
Yuantong temple, Kunming in China


When the painting of the Japanese temple was finished, it was custom framed. After my boyfriend and I picked up the painting, we showed it to the Chinese owner of Cafeteria Schieweg (a chips shop), when we went to get chips. We thought it would be a nice idea to hang up the next painting of a temple at the shop. This had to be a Chinese temple, of course. We asked the owner to send some reference photos of Chinese temples. She sent a number of photos by e-mail and the choice fell on the Yuantong temple.

First of all, I made a trace of the reference photo in order to get the perspective of the temple right. As always, I started with the first layer of watercolour paint. Gradually, layer by layer, I built up the temple. Finally I applied details to give depth to the painting.

In the end it turned out to be a realistic result. Below on the left you can see the entire painting as the final result. The second photo shows the difference between the painting and the reference photo. I did omit a number of things from the reference photo, such as the people and the flags.

Framed prints

In the meantime I have ordered high quality prints of the painting and framed them together with a matching passe-partout. One of the prints is now in my father’s room next to the framed print of the Japanese temple.

To view the painting of the Yuantong temple yourself, you can visit Cafeteria Schieweg in Rotterdam (address: Schieweg 115a). The framed print of the painting now also hangs on the wall at the chips shop. Order a delicious serve of chips directly with it!

Details painting

The original painting of the Yuantong temple was made with Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolours on Hahnemühle Britannia 300 grams cold pressed watercolour paper. The painting has a custom made light brown frame with a green passe-partout and museum glass (non-reflective glass). The painting measures 41,6 cm (w) by 32 cm (h).

The original painting is for sale for € 500,- excluding shipping costs. Are you interested? Please contact me for more information.

Original painting Yuantong temple
Original painting Yuantong temple

Would you rather buy a print of the Yuantong temple? The A4 prints can be ordered in my webshop for only € 20 each exclusive shipping costs (list and passe-partout not included). For now the shop is only in Dutch.

A4 print of Yuantong temple
A4 print of Yuantong temple

It is also possible to have a painting made by ColourFlux Studio. I also make illustrations and paintings on commission. Please contact me via the contact form.

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