This is a painting of the FC Twente logo with a heart of flames around it. It is a project carried out on commission.

FC Twente half painting, half reference photo
FC Twente half painting, half reference photo

The brief

The client’s first idea was to make a painting of the FC Twente stadium ‘De Grolsche Veste’. The client wanted a painting on A4 size. My advice was that a painting of the stadium in that size is very small if you hang it up in the living room, for example. It disappears, so to speak, into its surroundings. The client eventually chose to use a reference photo of the FC Twente logo with a flaming heart around it. This also seemed to me to be a good idea and a nice, challenging assignment to carry out. And challenging, it surely was.

Working process with challenges

I started by figuring out which materials I could best use for the painting. About half the time I worked on this assignment I spent on research. The final completion went quite quickly after that. The delivery would be two months according to my estimation.

The first material I tried out was watercolour paint, but the colours of the swirls (flames) didn’t get bright enough with this paint. The next material was acrylic paint in neon colours. At first that seemed like a good idea. The rose in the photo below, for example, turned out well as an experiment. By applying a white line over the neon-coloured lines and adding a kind of glow with coloured pencil, it seems as if the drawing illuminates. However, this technique did not work for the flames in the reference photo.

Eventually I chose coloured pencil for the swirls and gouache for the logo and finally also gouache for the black background. The reference photo also shows plumes of smoke, which I left out completely at the end. The flames stand out much better by making the background completely black.

During the process I kept the client informed about the progress of the painting. The painting has been given a red passe-partout and a white frame. The colours match with the logo of the football club and make the painting a unified piece.

FC Twente painting with heart of flames
FC Twente painting with heart of flames

This was a challenging project to carry out. This commission also sparked the idea of doing more with such a design. To be continued.

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