In the autumn of 2019 I made a new design for the logo of the playground organisation Crooswijk. The logo is used by the organisation in the club magazine.

Logo playground organisation Crooswijk
Logo playground Crooswijk


The original logo used by the playground was from the Crooswijk coat of arms: a black emblem with three cups on it. My boyfriend thought the old logo could use a makeover and asked the playground if it would be okay to have a new design made by me. The owner of the playground thought it was a good idea and so it came about.


The logo was created with the Procreate app on the iPad. The logo contains two pictograms of playground equipment. I have also incorporated the old logo into the new design, so that it still remains recognisable for the visitors of the playground. The colours of the logo are attuned to the wishes of the client.

About the playground

Playground Crooswijk exists for 87 years now and is a household name in Rotterdam. The playground is located in the district Crooswijk in Rotterdam.

The organisation owns two websites:

The address is:
Schuttersweg 74
3034 RN Rotterdam

For families with small children, the playground is a very fun and inexpensive outing. Various activities are also organised throughout the year. So be sure to take a look at the website.

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