Recently, I was commissioned to do a completely different project than I have done before: a tattoo design! It is a tattoo design of three roses with grass.

Roses tattoo design
Roses tattoo design

Project description

The assignment was simple: a tattoo design of three roses with grass. I was given the freedom to make my own design, although there had to be space in the roses for adding text. I agreed with the client that I would make two sketches, of which she could choose one and that I would then develop this into a line drawing. My first idea was to draw three roses in a bush, with grass growing through the bush. My second idea was to draw three roses from above, with grass also growing in between. In the end, the first sketch was already to the client’s liking and there was no need to make the second sketch.


The tattoo design was made completely digitally in the application Procreate on the iPad. I started with a rough sketch. I made the layer with the rough sketch slightly lighter and then made a somewhat straighter sketch over it.

I also lightened the layer with the straighter sketch in order to make a line drawing with thicker lines. I sent this line drawing to the client and she was already completely satisfied. But I was not yet: the lines were not straight enough in my opinion. Of course, there shouldn’t be any bumps in the final tattoo. That is why I made a line drawing of the design with straight lines. I also made some small adjustments to the design, like adding a branch or a leaf.

I am very happy with the design and so is the client! Nice to do a digital assignment again.

Would you also like to have a tattoo design made by ColourFlux Studio? Then please contact me via the contact form.

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