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Hiking map Southern Waterline trail: Prinsenbeek - Terheijden
Blog Hiking & painting Southern Waterline trail

Southern Waterline trail from Prinsenbeek to Terheijden – ⭐⭐

So far, this is the least enjoyable part of the Southern Waterline trail: from Prinsenbeek to Terheijden. The trail itself is a bit boring, but all sorts of things did happen while hiking, including an encounter with a bird and a nice meeting with two doggies. The highlight of the trail, the Kleine Schans in Terheijden, comes at the end, so it makes this blog worth reading 😉

Hiking map Southern Waterline trail Halsteren - Steenbergen - Fort Henricus
Blog Hiking & painting Southern Waterline trail Wonderful hikes (5 stars)

Southern Waterline trail: from Halsteren to Steenbergen (and Blauwe Sluis to Fort Henricus) – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I divided the trail of the Southern Waterline between Halsteren and Steenbergen in the Netherlands into two parts, so that I could make a side trip to Blauwe Sluis. This place is outside the trail, but worthwhile for a visit because of the longest picnic bench and fishing jetty in the Netherlands, as well as bird watching hut de Roode Weel. The first part goes from Halsteren to the outskirts of Steenbergen and the second part from Blauwe Sluis to Fort Henricus and town of De Heen.