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Hiking map Migration birds trail: Maarn - Langbroek
Blog Hiking & painting Migration birds trail

Migration birds trail: from Maarn to Langbroek – ⭐⭐⭐

Today I hike a section of the Migration birds trail, between Maarn and Langbroek in the Netherlands. First of all, I go back a bit on the trail, because last time I skipped nature reserve the Koeheuvels (Cow Hills). I’m glad about that in retrospect, because it turns out that the Koeheuvels and another trip off the trail, to watchtower De Kaap, are the most enjoyable part of the hike. Are you curious? I’ll tell you all about it.

Framed print of chiffchaff with nest
Commission Flora and Fauna Portfolio

Birds with nests framed prints

A buyer of greeting cards from the ColourFlux Shop wanted a larger version of the illustrations of birds with nests for on the wall. After a little check to see if the illustrations were suitable for printing in larger size, I went right to work with them. I was able to make two nice framed prints of the dunnock and chiffchaff with nest.

Hiking map Great rivers trail Ochten - Hemmen - Herveld-Zuid
Blog Great rivers trail Hiking & painting Super hikes (4 stars)

Great rivers trail: from Ochten to Hemmen and Herveld-Zuid – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

It is once again time for a hike on the Great rivers trail. Moreover, I want to complete all parts of this path on Dutch soil this year (2021). So the upcoming blogs are all about this long-distance trail. This time, I have combined two shorter sections (of about 11 km) into one blog post. Two separate blog posts seemed a bit redundant. These two sections go from Ochten to Hemmen and from Hemmen to Herveld-Zuid. All sorts of towns that mean nothing to me beforehand and which are all located near great river the Waal.

Hiking map Zwanburger trail
Blog Green Heart hikes Hiking & painting Super hikes (4 stars)

Hiking in the Green Heart: Zwanburger trail – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The time has come, the very last hike from the Green Heart hikes booklet: the Zwanburger trail in Warmond in the Netherlands. I have not been able to do this trail before, during the corona crisis the foot ferry, which you use to cross the lake ‘t Joppe twice, was taken out of service. But this year (2021) it departs again and I can still do the last trail. The trail is in two parts, though, because of course something went wrong again. In short: I had missed the foot ferry, I had to wait for 45 minutes in the scorching sun for the next departure. I therefore went back a second time.

Hiking map Migration birds trail Baarn - Hollandsche Rading
Blog Hiking & painting Migration birds trail Wonderful hikes (5 stars)

Migration birds trail: from Baarn to Hollandsche Rading – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The heather season has not yet ended at the beginning of September (2021), so I am hiking another part of the Migration birds trail in the Netherlands. I travel to Baarn and have several options for the finish line: Hollandsche Rading, Lage Vuursche or perhaps Soesterberg. As you can see from the title, it has become Hollandsche Rading. On the way, I have been busy photographing the many mushrooms, heather and other flora and fauna. So the hike is not very long this time.

Hiking map Migration birds trail Hilversum Mediapark - Baarn
Blog Hiking & painting Migration birds trail Super hikes (4 stars)

Migration birds trial: from Hilversum Mediapark to Baarn – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

It is August (2021), I am still on my holiday and the Migration birds trail cannot be missed in my hiking series. The heather season (heather in bloom) has just started and the next part of the Migration birds trail goes over the heatherlands near Hilversum! So, the choice for a hike is easily made. Today, I walk a bit over the Bussumer heide (Bussumer heatherlands), but also over the Westerheide (Western heatherlands) and the Zuiderheide (Southern heatherlands). After that, the trail goes through the forest and over the Groeneveld estate towards Baarn.

Hiking map Migration birds trail Naardermeer - Naarden-Vesting - Hilversum Mediapark
Blog Hiking & painting Migration birds trail

Migration birds trail: from Naardermeer to Hilversum Mediapark – ⭐⭐⭐

This time, two hikes in one blog post. In the first hike, I’ll be walking through the Naardermeer nature reserve and then take an extra look at the fortified walls of Naarden-Vesting. In the second hike I return to Naarden-Vesting, but this time inside the walls. I then walk through Bussum and – for a change – through the polder towards the Bantam estate, where I encounter forest for the first time on this trail. Via the Spanders woods, Zanderij Crailoo nature bridge and the Bussumerheide (Bussumer heatherlands), I finally reach Hilversum Mediapark station.

Hiking map Migration birds trail Zeeburg - Gaasperzoom park Amsterdam
Blog Hiking & painting Migration birds trail Super hikes (4 stars)

Migration birds trail: from Zeeburg to Gaasperzoom, Amsterdam – ⭐⭐⭐⭐

It is time again for the Migration birds trail, this time I hike from parking lot Zeeburg, Amsterdam to Gaasperzoom park and metro stop Gein also in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. This part of the trail visits several parks in and just outside Amsterdam. These parks are not completely unknown to me, in the Diemer woods and Gaasper park I have been before.