About me

Hi, I am Margrita de Jong, illustrator and graphic designer. I am 40+ years old and live in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. In 2020 I started my own company called ColourFlux Studio. I make illustrations and graphic designs for private individuals and companies. I also work on my own illustrations and sell original artworks, prints and other products.

Margrita close up

A few years ago I started a course in illustration. I always liked drawing and painting and I wanted to learn more basic techniques. Gradually I started to realise that I wanted to turn illustration into my work and a seed was planted to start my own business. I did a number of assignments for friends and family and I liked that very much. Earlier this year I took the plunge and started working part-time and started my own business.

In my illustrations I can express my creativity and I get a lot of satisfaction from making someone happy with a personal drawing or painting. I can also work independently towards a final goal with a well worked out plan. I can put my experience in product development, testing and customer service to good use in running my business.

What does ColourFlux Studio do?

With ColourFlux Studio I mainly make illustrations on paper, but I can also work well with digital illustrations. My clients are private individuals and (local) companies.

On paper I currently focus on landscapes, flora & fauna (including animal portraits) and buildings. I work with watercolour and graphite, and to a slightly lesser extent with coloured pencils. The size of the illustrations vary from very small: A6, for a business card, for example, to very large: A2, for example a personalised map of someone’s holiday destination.

Margrita getting work done
Getting work done

For digital illustrations I focus on logo design and illustrations for websites and presentations. I work with the program ProCreate on the iPad and with Adobe Illustrator.

What makes my illustrations unique is that they are always very personal: the illustration is special for that person, like a dog portrait. Or the illustration fits well with the company and is fully tailored to the wishes of the client. Another unique aspect is that I have a great eye for detail and this is also reflected in my illustrations. Details complete the illustration, for example a crack in a paving tile or the glistening of light in the trees.

Are you interested in my assignments and projects so far? Then take a look at my portfolio.

The name ColourFlux Studio

How did I come up with the name ColourFlux Studio? I had an idea for a website about digital colouring and colour mixing. I wanted a name that included flow or fluent and came across the word flux. Flux means flow or fluent in Latin. The name ColourFlux eventually stuck with me and after that the choice was easy to use for my company. I added Studio to make it clearer that it is a creative company.

Hobbies and interests

Besides, of course!, drawing and painting, is also colouring for adults a hobby of mine. It may sound childish, but it is a very fun, creative hobby. If you search on instagram or youtube for terms like ‘colouring for adults’ or ‘adult colouring’ you will find the most beautiful creations. It is also fun to browse through the various colouring books. The illustrations without colour are often already beautiful to look at. My favourite colouring book artists are Hanna Karlzon, Johanna Basford and Kerby Rosanes.

Another hobby of mine is hiking. I like to follow a hiking trail. I like being in nature, which is very relaxing. The trail ensures that I still have a goal to hike to. I also get a bit of exercise with it. I have several booklets with hiking trails and I try to do (a part of) a trail about once a week. About every other week I dedicate a post to my hikes on my blog.

My hobby colouring for adults
Colouring page from the book Botanicum by Maria Trolle


Colour: dark blue
Artist: Salvador Dalí
Author: Stephen King
Music: hard rock and metal, in other words noise 🙂
Music artists: Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Halestorm, Theory of a Deadman
Holiday destination: United States

Do you have more questions for me about my company and my work? Then don’t hesitate to send me a message.