Wooden shoes trails are fun! The next trail is already here. In this blog just a short description of the trail (a trail shortener 😉 ), a few photos and a simple sketch to illustrate. No need for a hiking map, the info on the wooden shoe trails website is clear enough.

This time a report of the Kuilenburger trail.

Sketch fritillary flower
Sketch fritillary flower

My experience

The Kuilenburger trail is a wooden shoes trail in the town of Culemborg in the Netherlands. The name of the trail is, you guessed it, based on the name of the town. The trail itself is 8 km long, the starting point is at the city park the Plantation. There is another starting point at Culemborg station with a approach trail of about 2 km to the starting point. So back and forth to and from the station is a trail of about 12 km. The station is an important transfer point, there are no less than three other wooden shoes trails you can start from there. I have written a blog about two of these trails before: the Leidschehoeven trail and the Engelroder trail. A blog of the Goilberdinger trail is coming soon.

I’m also starting from Culemborg station. I walk along the Singel towards the town centre. It is only the approach trail, but I am already looking around in wonder. One historic building after another passes me by. But the beautiful country houses with even more beautiful gardens are also an amazing sight, partly because the trees are in full bloom.

I left the town centre and walk past a cemetery and then through the city park the Plantation. The park was laid out in the English landscape style by renowned landscape architect Zocher. The park also has a deer park and an aviary where several species of birds show off their multi-coloured plumage. The gold pheasant is the most beautiful of all.

I continue through the park around the pond. Just outside the park is the trail starting point. After another stretch through the park, I dive into the polder. A lapwing makes a lot of noise and thinks I am an enemy. I walk on quickly along the grass path. The grass path soon gives way to nice, narrow paths along rows of oak trees. I also walk past an orchard in bloom.

Trail guide about wooden shoes trails

There is an extra loop of the trail through private estate the Geeren. I’m glad I hiked this loop, it really is a wooden shoes-worthy part of the trail on narrow unpaved paths through a marshy forest. The blossom in the bushes and the nice steep bridges make it extra beautiful.

Then I head towards the Lek dike where you can once again switch to the Engelroder trail. First of all, I walk a bit over the dike bordered by bright yellow rapeseed flowers. I can see the Lek bridge in the distance. After a few minutes the trail leads me through the floodplains right along the waterline of the Lek river. Another beautiful little path. Soon I am back in Culemborg via the town wall, as Culemborg is also a fortified town. I make another little trip to the windmill before returning to the station once more via the Singel.

The photos

Final thoughts

The approach trail of the Kuilenburger trail through the centre of Culemborg is already very enjoyable. But with the extra round trip through the the Geeren estate and the section through the floodplains along the Lek river, this wooden shoes trail becomes a real Super hike!

Tip: on the website uitinderegio.nl, you will find a great 4 km city walk through Culemborg centre.

More info:

Trail: Wooden shoes trail Kuilenburger trail
Where: Culemborg, Gelderland, the Netherlands.
No. of km: 8 km (12 km myself)
Hiking date: 29 April 2023
Materials used in illustration: little sketch with graphite pencil
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

🚌 Info public transport:
  • At approach trail: train station Culemborg

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Pin Super hike – Wooden shoes trail: Kuilenburger trail

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