Wooden shoes trails are fun! The next trail is already here. In this blog just a short description of the trail (a trail shortener 😉 ), a few photos and a simple sketch to illustrate. No need for a hiking map, the info on the wooden shoe trails website is clear enough.

This time a report of the Goilberdinger trail.

Sketch sawn-through bunker - Goilberdinger trail
Sketch sawn-through bunker – Goilberdinger trail

My experience

The Goilberdinger trail (tricky to pronounce) can be found between Culemborg and Everdingen in the Netherlands. It is a 15 km path, extendable to 18 km or can be shortened to 11 km. There is a starting point with approach trail (of approx. 3 km) from Culemborg train station to the official starting point at Werk aan het Spoel. Parking is available at Werk aan het Spoel and at Fort Everdingen, but you can also park at Culemborg station.

I myself start the trail near Everdingen and walk towards the trail extender first, because there is something interesting to see there: a sawn-through bunker. I have seen photos of it before and am very curious about it.

First I walk along the busy Diefdijk, but fortunately I am soon going down the dike into Polder Culemborg. I walk along a nice grass path, with bright flowers along the sides. Then I walk towards the motorway (national highway A2) and cross it. On the other side is a pond and the sawn-through bunker. This detour is definitely worthwhile. Behind the bunker, I make another loop through Molenkade nature reserve. It is full of bright and fragrant flowers. Then I return to the other side of the A2 motorway.

The wooden shoes trail leads me along a challenging path with dense vegetation right through the fields towards the Zandput nature reserve. This nature reserve looks more like a recreation area with many tall trees and views over ponds. It is lovely to walk here. You have to ignore the noise of the nearby A2 motorway.

Then the trail goes along the woodland edge on narrow grassy paths. I also encounter quite a few oncoming hikers. Eventually I reach Werk aan het Spoel, a defence structure of the New Dutch Waterline. I walk all the way around it until I reach the official starting point.

Trail guide about wooden shoes trails

The hike is far from finished, the next section goes through the floodplains along the Lek river. The nature reserve here bears the name of the wooden shoes trail: Goilberdingerwaard. This part of the trail is also beautiful, as the hawthorns that grow here are in full bloom! Via a pretty avenue of trees where blossom is snowing, I leave the floodplains behind me.

I am now at Fort Everdingen and I can enter the fort grounds through a gate. You can get close to the fort. To actually walk past the tower fort, you have to make an appointment with a guide. Fort Everdingen is also home to a campsite and it is busy with camping guests.

Actually, I still have a bit to go through the floodplains, but it’s enough for today and return to the bus stop near Everdingen.

The photos

Final thoughts

What a wonderful trail! I actually wanted to give the walk 4 star rating, but it becomes 5 start: a wonderful hike. The nature reserves on this trail are very beautiful, especially in spring. The remains of the New Dutch Waterline are also an interesting addition. The part through the floodplains with flowering hawthorns completed the trail. We turn a blind eye to the busy Diefdijk and boring crossing over the motorway.

Tip: You will come across the yellow-red stickers of regional hiking trail called Betuwe trail.

More info:

Trail: Wooden shoes trail Goilberdinger trail
Where: Culemborg, Gelderland, the Netherlands.
No. of km: 15 km, 18 km with trail extender)
Hiking date: 23 May 2023
Materials used in illustration: little sketch with graphite pencil
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

🚌 Info public transport:
  • At approach trail: train station Culemborg
  • Near Everdingen: bus stop Diefdijk, Everdingen – bus 146 between Culemborg and Vianen Lekbrug-West

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Pin Wonderful hike - Wooden shoes trail: Goilberdinger trail
Pin Wonderful hike – Wooden shoes trail: Goilberdinger trail

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