Wooden shoes trails are fun! I’ve already picked out the next one. In this blog just a short description of the trail (a trail shortener 😉), a few photos and a simple sketch to illustrate. No need for a hiking map, the info on the website is clear enough.

This time a report on the Engelroder trail.

Schets pear trees in bloom along the Engelroder trail
Schets pear trees in bloom along the Engelroder trail

My experience

The Engelroder trail officially starts in Beusichem in the Netherlands. I am on my way to the starting point and at Culemborg station I have to wait for the bus towards Beusichem. It occurs to me that there is also an approach trail from Culemborg to the wooden shoes trail and I decide on the spot to set off immediately. In hindsight, perhaps not the best choice, as the trail itself is already 19 km (on the long side for me) and the approach trail is another 2 km (and 2 km back).

The approach trail is not particularly interesting. In fact, you walk a long way straight along a train track towards the Regulieren nature reserve. Once at the nature reserve, I can really start the wooden shoes trail. From here, you can even switch to another wooden shoe trail called Leidschehoeven trail. I wrote a blog about this before. I’ll stick to the Engelroder trail right now.

I walk through a marshy nature reserve, with many alder forests and rows of pollard willows. As it is full of spring, I see a lot of activity of birds and other animals. In the distance, I see several deer in the field. I recently bought a pair of binoculars (finally!) and I can get a closer look at them.

At the ‘exit’ of the nature reserve, I see a produce stall and buy a jar of apple syrup. I walk along a paved road for a while and see an orchard full of blossom in the distance. Unfortunately, I don’t get any closer to it. Via a very nice unpaved path I reach the outskirts of Beusichem.

Trail guide about wooden shoes trails

I pass recreational lake the Meent. I take a break on a bench overlooking the lake. Not much later, I leave Beusichem again and walk through a very young nature reserve. Several little trees are in bloom. After this loop through the nature reserve, I am once again led into Beusichem. From here you can switch to another wooden shoes trail, namely the Kuilenburger trail. I also made a blog about this trail before.

In Beusichem, spring is also in full swing, many trees are showing their blossoms and the flower beds are brightened up with tulips and daffodils. Then I finally reach the official starting point of the trail near the church. There is a market in the church square so I have to look for the starting panel.

The trail then heads towards the Lek dike and then to the town of Zoelmond. Zoelmond has a church similar to the one in Beusichem. I soon leave Zoelmond again and pass the namesake of this path: country house Engelrode.

From here, the trail becomes very boring: first a stretch on a busy winding road and then an even less enjoyable section along a provincial road. I regularly stand on the verge to let cars pass. Especially the part along the provincial road is not recommended. I am glad when I can leave the busy road behind me.

After a while I am back at nature reserve Regulieren. How lovely to walk here again. By now I am a bit done with hiking. I have already done 20 km, but I still have to return to Culemborg. That last part of 2 km is a bit tough. In total, my trail ended up at 23 km.

The photos

Final thoughts

I really liked the part of the Engelroder trail through the Regulieren nature reserve and the part through and around Beusichem. Unfortunately, I found the part along the busy road very annoying, so I give the trail one point less: that comes down to a 3-star Fine hike.

Tip: I recommend dividing the trail into two: a round trip through the Regulieren nature reserve (accessible via the approach trail from Culemborg by public transport) and a round trip through and around Beusichem and Zoelmond. The latter trail is also indicated as such on the Wooden shoes trail website and in the app. Both round trips will be around 10 km long and an advantage is that you don’t have to walk along the busy road.

More info:

Trail: Wooden shoes trail Engelroder trail
Where: Beusichem, Gelderland, the Netherlands.
No. of km: 19 km (23 km myself)
Hiking date: 15 April 2023
Materials used in illustration: little sketch with graphite pencil
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

🚌 Info public transport:
  • Starting and ending point: bus stop Kerk, Beusichem – bus 46 between Culemborg and Tiel
  • At approach trail: train station Culemborg

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Pin Fine hike – Wooden shoes trail: Engelroder trail

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