I made these two sketches of Café ‘t Viaduct. This is a darts pub and is located near Rotterdam Noord Station. In 2017 the pub moved from one side (Hillegersberg side) to the other side (Rotterdam Noord side) of the station.

My boyfriend is a regular guest in the pub and he thought it would be a nice idea to make a sketch of both buildings and hang it there as a promotion. Many people like to come there and also have fond memories of the old pub.

The idea caught on and the sketches were immediately purchased by the owner and a customer. The two sketches can now be admired in the pub itself.

The sketches are made with graphite pencil in various hardnesses on 120 grams A4 drawing paper.

Do you also want a drawing or painting of a building that is dear to you? Contact me via the contact form for the possibilities.

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