Besides commissioned illustrations and paintings, I also enjoy doing my own projects. This waterfall is one of those own projects. This waterfall painting is made at A2 size and I created it with watercolour paints on cold pressed watercolour paper.

Waterfall painting on the wall
Waterfall painting on the wall

The idea

The idea was to make my own creation of a landscape. I used some reference photos for the landscape and added all sorts of things to it myself, such as wildlife and a gag in the form of a kayak coming down the waterfall.

The approach

I attached the watercolour paper to the dining table with a glass top. I started with a freehand sketch, using reference photos of a waterfall. I then added additional elements to the sketch, for example the deer and mountain goat.

Sketch of the waterfall
Sketch of the waterfall

I then applied the first layers of paint. I first worked out the cliffs and the waterfall. By adding darker and lighter highlights, the cliffs really seem to stand out. Then I continued with the wildlife.

The result

You can see the final result of the waterfall below. I am very pleased with the result. The painting has a lot of colour and depth. You have the idea of taking a peek into a hidden world. The kayak is a playful addition.

The waterfall was immediately sold to an interested party. On request, the painting was framed in a classic brown frame with museum glass and with a beige passe-partout. The colour of the passe-partout is reflected in the painting.

Do you like the waterfall? I have had A2 posters printed of the painting on high-quality paper. These are available in the shop.

Of course, it is also possible to commission an A2 painting or any other size. Contact me for the possibilities.

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