Welcome to the website of ColourFlux Studio! Nice that you found my website. The website has a simple structure. I hope everything can be found quickly and easily.

Layout website

What can you find where on the ColourFlux Studio website?

Updates on the portfolio and blog posts come together on the home page. The last five posts show in the carousel at the top and the previous posts show below the carousel.

In my portfolio you will find various projects and assignments that I have done. Each portfolio item has an article about how the assignment came about.

I post in my blog about every two to three weeks. The blog posts are mainly about hiking in the Netherlands, in which I explain in detail about my hiking adventures with matching illustrations and photos.

About me
On the About me page you will find more information about me, my work and ColourFlux Studio.

Would you like to contact ColourFlux Studio? On the Contact page you will find all the information you need.

Privacy Policy
ColourFlux Studio’s privacy policy can be found in the footer of the website.

The site can also be viewed on smartphone and tablet. The website is fully responsive, which means that the content on the site adapts to the size of your screen.

Info blocks

I like to add (background) info to my blog posts and pages on the website. Each type of info block has its own colour:

Yellow: background information on the subject. I always add the source.
Orange: facts about me or ColourFlux Studio
Light green: an experience or anecdote of me.
Purple: more information about a hiking trail.

Social media

You can follow me on instagram, I have two accounts:

  • Colourfluxstudio for updates on assignments and projects, products for sale and new blog posts.
  • My personal account is magz_1981 with mostly posts about personal things, such as hobbies (adult colouring and hiking) and perhaps some behind the scenes updates.

On my Red Bubble page you can find print-on-demand products with some of my illustrations. In the portfolio post about butterfly illustrations I tell you more about this.

New features on the website

In the coming months I will continue to work on my website in the background. I will in any case write more blog posts about hiking & drawing and about my experiences with illustration and running a company as an illustrator. I will update my portfolio with new completed projects and assignments.

I am curious what you think of the website. Leave a comment under a post or send an e-mail via the contact form. I’m also always open to constructive feedback, so if you have an idea about making this site better, please let me know.

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